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Notarization is a process that verifies a person's identity. It's a straightforward process that ensures the person who signs the document is the person that should sign the document. Our professional notary service Lincoln offers notarization for residents and businesses in the area. We make it easy to get notary service Lincoln any time of the day or night, regardless of your location.

Many legal documents require notarization, but not all of them. You'll know if a document requires notarization when you receive it. Notarize the document as soon as possible. Some documents may have expiry dates. Without the official notary seal, the document is not a binding contract or need. Some people choose to notarize documents even when it's not required. This extra bit of protection eases a person's mind.

We're available for notary service in either situation.

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  1. Affidavits
  2. Health and medical records
  3. Timeshare documents
  4. Real estate deeds
  5. Loan modifications
  6. Deeds of Trust
  7. Bill of Sale
  8. Promissory notes
  9. Business statements
  10. Business letters
  11. Divorce papers
  12. Immigration documents
  13. Adoption papers
  14. Living wills
  15. Name changes
  16. Fraternity applications

This short list of documents is among the many our notary service Lincoln notarizes for clients. If you need notary service Lincoln but your document isn't listed above, give us a call. We notarize most documents and can likely take care of your needs.

Our mobile notary service Lincoln comes to your location anywhere in the city. Be ready for our arrival. Each person listed on the document should be present with photo identification. We cannot notarize documents with multiple names if everyone is not present to sign the document. We also cannot notarize documents without photo identification from each person. Photo identification options include driver's licenses, identification cards, and passports.

Do not sign the document before our notary public arrives. We cannot notarize documents not signed in front of us, as our job is to serve as a witness to the signature.

We want to help as many people as possible, but we just cannot sign every document presented to us. Please don't take it personally if we refuse to sign your document. Other notary services may be of assistance or we can direct you to someone who can help. We have rules in place that dictate the type of documents we can and cannot sign.

Documents that we cannot sign at our notary service Lincoln include:

  1. Photo Identification: The notarization process is done solely to verify a person's identity. If a person cannot provide photo identification, we cannot notarize the document.
  2. Copies: Unfortunately, we're unable to notarize any copies of documents. We need the original document.
  3. Birth Certificates: A birth certificate is an official government document signed by the state. A notary public cannot sign or notarize a birth certificate.
  4. Death Certificate: The death certificate is an official government document signed by the state medical examiner. A notary public cannot notarize a death certificate.
  5. Coercion: We take illegal activity seriously and comply with all state laws. We will not notarize a document if it appears that one or more individuals are being coerced to sign the document against their will.
  6. Controversial Documents: We use best practices in our notary service Lincoln. While our notary public does not read over documents, we do examine the information. We want to know what we are notarizing after all. We may decline notary on any document that appears illegal, supports illegal or controversial organizations, or that appears unlawful.
  7. Workplace Violations: We cannot sign any documents that violate our workplace guidelines and regulations.
  8. Fees: We charge a small fee for notary service Lincoln. We cannot notarize documents for anyone unable to pay this small fee.

Give us a call if you need a document notarized but are not sure if we can do it. We'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. We document most documents and can likely notarize any paperwork that you have.

Our notary service in Lincoln only verifies identification and signature on a document. We do not verify the document or any content within the document. We are not responsible for illegal documents or those that contain provisions that do not comply with regulations. It is up to you to know what you sign before you sign it. We cannot and will not provide legal advice or information to customers or otherwise discuss the information contained within the document.

Time is of the essence. We understand that you're busy and need a fast, dependable service. We offer fast, quick service that keeps up with your busy lifestyle. Allow us drive time to reach your location. After arrival, notary service Lincoln takes only a few minutes of your time. The exact time that we require varies from each one client to the next, since factors like the number of documents being notarized impacts the time.

Although we wish that our service was free, we must charge modest fees for each notary service in Lincoln. It is the modest fees that keep the doors to our business open, as we have expenses. The cost of notary service in Lincoln varies from a low cost of $65 up to about $300. Factors like the number of signatures on the document and the number of pages impact the cost of our notary service.

It may seem that every notary service Lincoln is the same. We all notarize documents, so what could differ, right? The truth is notary service Lincoln differs greatly from one company to another. The wrong notary public can cause headaches like:

  • Costly service
  • Unprofessional/rude
  • Delayed service
  • Lack of communication

Don't learn the hard way that notary service Lincoln is not all the same. Nothing is more frustrating than running into unprofessional notary publics in the area when you only want your paperwork notarized so you can go on with life. We take that worry off your mind with fast notary service Lincoln 24-hours per day, 7-days per week.

As one of the top notary service Lincoln companies, we strive to exceed expectations. We deliver experience and expertise that keeps the notary process simple and straightforward. We're available whenever you need us, 24/7. And, we're mobile, so you won't waste gas, time, or battle traffic coming into an office. Plus, our competitive rates ensure you never pay more to notarize documents than necessary.

24/7 Notary Service Lincoln

The 9 to 5 schedule doesn't work for everyone. We all adhere to different schedules and needs for our families. That is why we're available for notary service Lincoln 24-hours per day, 7-days per week. Whether you need a notary at lunchtime on a Friday afternoon or in the middle of the night on a weekend, our notary service Lincoln rushes to your location to notarize your documents. Our mobile notary service Lincoln comes to your location anywhere in the city, giving you one less worry. Transportation is not easy for everyone, but thanks to our mobile service, that's never a worry. We're reliable professionals who put your needs first. We'll arrive on time to help you.

Notarizing a document is the same process as taking an oath in court. After notarization, the document is then legally binding. The signature stamp that we add to the document makes it official. We are commissioned by the state to act as a notary public.

If you need dependable notary service Lincoln, we're here to help. You can contact us any time you need notary service and we'll rush to your location. This includes weekends and holidays since we're open 24-hours per day. We are the experienced notary public professionals that you can count on for timely, affordable service for all your notary needs. We make notary service Lincoln simple, fast and easy. Don't get stuck with the wrong notary public. It is a nightmare waiting to happen. Let us show you why we're a top notary service Lincoln and get in touch with our professionals today.

Notary Service in Lincoln

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